New Spleen Blues (Official Videoclip)

There ain’t no way to get back at the world
You got too many lies, all left unheard
And all those days you sat at home on your own
you picked up that phone and try to ring that tone
but sometimes that voice makes you feel real bad
it come up behind you and hit ya like a bottle of black jack

What you say… this don’t matter to you
That the blues is dead… still you ain’t got no food
Yet you know how to laugh away that gloom
They say you don’t grow old by being no fool
But when the spooks and clowns are on the loose
What are we left with… but singing the blues

All the time you spend workin’ on the networkin’
Antisocial friends to impress with your
Pics and feeds and daily blogs and tweets,
Bring on the madness
But if you dare to live by the book you created
Reality gonna hit you back with a bottle of black jack

a Jelly Brain Production © 2014
directed by Federico Parodi
in collaboration with Tone Trade Records

New Spleen Blues © 2013 written by Francesco Accurso and Kathleen Pearson

Storyboard and character design: Stefano Tambellini
2D animation (main character): Michele Tozzi
After Fx character animation, backgrounds, compositing and postproduction: Federico Parodi
Additional 2D animation: Jacopo Lanza (foxes) Victoria Musci (builders, pub guys)

Live action
Director of Photography: Betty Romani
Shooting: Betty Romani, Federico Parodi, Christophe Tweedie, Francesco Accurso
Grading: Jason R Moffat

Many thanks to: Cosima Spender, Valerio Spada, Vittorio Boni